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Your social mission.
What makes you different.
Growing your organisation.

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Big Issue Invest UnLtd

We provide social investment for early stage, growing organisations. Our social investment is made for organisations that are

Committed to improving their team's diversity

Looking to grow their trading income

Looking to help tackle inequality

We offer between £50,000 and £1,500,000 of social investment. There are three flexible social investment types aimed to meet your needs


Shares in your organisation

Only organisations Limited by Shares are eligible


  • You're already generating revenue or are very close to doing so
  • You have an impactful product or service with proven demand and strong potential

Revenue share agreement

Repayments based on your organisation's revenue performance

All legal structures eligible


  • You have an impactful product or service with relatively predictable, growing sales

Patient debt

Regular repayments set at an agreed interest rate over several years

All legal structures eligible


  • You have a clear track record of sales and regular monthly income
  • You have regular monthly income and you don't want to sell ownership of your organisation

Our approach

We're here to make social investment better for organisations. We don't discriminate based on who you are or where you come from. We'll be open and honest with you from the beginning, and we'll do our best to adapt to your needs every step of the way. That's our commitment to you.

Support before social investment

Up to £15,000 of grant funding providing your organisation with support before accessing investment or to cover your personal expenses through the process.

Dedicated portfolio manager to support you through each step of our investment process.

Access to our social investment templates and resources to guide you and give you transparency across the process.

Support alongside social investment

Up to £20,000 grant as additional funding support to help you grow your organisation.

Continued 1 to 1 support from a portfolio manager to help you achieve your growth ambitions.

Access to our professional network, alumni, and opportunities for follow on funding and support to continue your growth.

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